The official launch of PopJoy!

The official launch of PopJoy!


Welcome to the official launch of our PopJoy webstore! I finally got everything set up in the “backstage of Shopify” in the webstore and it’s now up and running on its own!! Yeaahh! I am super excited since this has been the day I have been waiting on and working towards that finally my friends and other people can see what a mindset can really accomplish if you just put your mind into something and work on it. This feels the first step for my future way of life!

How the start went?

To be honest, I’m very pleased on how I managed to build the website to match my style and personality, since after all, the webstore is kind of a reflection on my personality and outlook on life (very cute and very excited). I launched this website and created few posts in Facebook, Instagram and TikTok in which my friends are really encouraging me and giving me very nice feedback and our first customers are choosing their favourite products from our catalogues!! (WEEEE!) I cannot express myself on how happy I feel to actually accomplish something I have been looking forward a long time in my life. I have to say... IT FEELS AMAZING!!

How will everything continue from here?

Now that everything is up and running, I am improving some of the product ideas meanwhile the store is doing its thing. My future goal for our products is to infuse my passion for handcraft and entrepreneurial stuff, which ultimately means that I will start to sell my own handcrafted products for any occasion. (It will be amazing, you’ll see 😉)

Last word

I’d like to give a warm welcome to everyone who finds themselves in my webstore and possibly to anyone who reads my blogs, you make me do what I do! I owe my deepest gratitudes to you!

Joa Mähönen
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