Spring Markets 2023 - PopJoy and their accessories around Finland!

Spring Markets 2023 - PopJoy and their accessories around Finland!

Summary of Markets

We are a small company that started in August 2022 and during our first month since it was the Christmas session, we were lucky to be able to participate in 17 different markets. As you may know, when you start a business you have to make people get to know you in some way.

I decided that instead of investing in Social media Marketing I wanted to invest in the markets because those are much more fun and that is how I end up in that many markets.

During the markets, I found my fellow entrepreneur friends who are the same as me and we have made "The Market Gang" I really love this group.

I will definitely relax a bit more this year because the focus is on other things but I will definitely join the markets that I can join.

I want to be part of markets that are mostly for Handmade crafters because it is where my target audience it is, people who prefer handmade things rather than mass massive retail stores.

This is the first market of 2023

We participate in Helsingin Kädentaitomessut which took place in Wanha Satama and it was just a completely amazing event. The organizers were so helpful and welcoming and the location was perfect. We were lucky that many people came to the event and even though the sales were not as expected the people there were amazing. I definitely recommend it to any small business or crafter to try them out. They organise the event around Finland so there are many chances and places where is possible to participate.

Market stall of Hair accessories in Crafting marker in Finland

Upcoming markets information

I have make small posts here in the website or in our Instagram about the upcoming events so check it out and welcome to visit us.

Muji Market information:


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