My First Blog Post

My First Blog Post

My introduction

I want to introduce one of the person who is behind the scene in this store and explain little by little how my journey is going.

The whole idea of the store started because I was dreaming about the small businesses the cute girls in Tiktok were posting and my desire of buying some products that will not be drop-shipped.

I am writing this first post meanwhile I am learning how to settle my Shopify page because for me it is very important to be part of every detail that my small business will be having. I want to always be involve in every decision and if I am not having the skills for participate in the decision I will not doubt to get an Udemy course and learn about it. Therefore, everything that you will be seeing in this web it has been build by me.

Now I would like to introduce a bit about myself. I am a person who is very detailed and who is always seeking for perfectionism in every aspect of my life, such as my performance at work (overworking myself out for no reason) or at school always aiming for the highest scores.

I have been always thinking there is something wrong with me due to how the environment is constantly putting me problems and I have not done anything to solve my feelings until now when I was almost not able to move from bed anymore. Luckily I found some good doctors who recognised the symptoms I was having and suggested a very special therapy that is helping me to find what has cause me all these mental problems I am having. I would like to clarify as well that you do not necessarily need to be "crazy" in order to have mental problems, you can have those as a mark of a traumatic childhood or traumatic relationship.

I am currently forcing myself to be a better version of me, a better person towards family or friends and it is not that I was not good to them, it is that I was good as I tough they wanted but apparently not needed plenty of times.

I hope you enjoy to read little by little my journey and my new life (and my products) and of course, if you would like that I share any of your stories in my blogs feel free to write me an email.

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